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by Hands Craft US, Inc.

DIY Miniature Dollhouse Kit | Miller's Garden

SKU: DG108

Whether this is your first 3D dollhouse kit or you want to expand your existing miniature collection, Miller's Garden is perfect for you! This little garden will keep you busy as you design and create the perfect little space. Kids and adults alike will enjoy our miniatures.

  • 🌱[MILLER'S GARDEN] Get your green thumbs ready for Miller's Garden. Cultivate your own outdoor green space inside, with vines and potted plants growing in your own home! Add some green space to your home without needing to go to the nursery!
  • 💡 [WARM LED LIGHTS] We included light fixtures with tiny LED bulbs to brighten up your miniature and room. This sunny and warm lighting will add the finishing touch to your room, table, shelf, or showcase. This kit includes an instruction book with illustrations to give you an idea of the possibilities and help your dreams come alive.
  • 🔎 [TINY FURNITURE & ACCESSORIES] This model dollhouse garden has shelves, potted plants, a flower bed, and more to give you a complete feel of detail for your tiny space. You can even add your own custom miniature plants to make it your own. This modern DIY greenery will stand as a reminder of your accomplishment and the feeling of satisfaction of putting it together with its amazing looks and detail.
  • 🛠 [TOOLS INCLUDED & RECOMMENDED] This kit includes LED light, electrical wires, batteries, a battery case, glue, tweezers, paint, and a paintbrush. Extra recommended tools: ruler, scissors, utility knife, needle-nose pliers, pencil, binder clip, screwdriver. There are some paper pieces that need to be cut out and glued together.
  • 🏠 [DIY MINIATURE KITS SERIES] This Tiny Dollhouse kit will help you create Miller's Garden, but this is only one of the many miniature spaces that we have available. We also have Cathy's Flowers, Sam's Study, Jason's Kitchen, Simon's Coffee Shop, and many other fun dollhouse rooms with open walls. This quiet activity is perfect for everyone. The entire family can bond over some quality time. It makes a great gift and decor to brighten up everyone’s rooms!

1️⃣4️⃣ Recommended Age 14+
Main Material: Wood, Fabric, Metal, Paper
Tools Included: Batteries, Liquid glue, Paint, Tweezer, Brush
Assembled size: 7.68 x 7.20 x 8.27 in

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