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Our DIY miniature kits com with all the materials you need to create detailed miniature model. From whimsical fantasy spaces to cozy corners of a shop, find a kit that interests you!

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  • Mysterious World Series

    These kits have a 360° transparent display that allows you to see the interior from every angle.

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  • Mini Town Series

    Create your own town! Each kit has a removable roof that allows for stacking, or you can line that up.

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  • Little & Warm Space Series

    This series embodies the warmth of a small corner of your home, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

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  • Leisure Time Series

    This series comes in two parts. Which will you choose: Classy & stylish? Sweet & charming?

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  • Book Nooks

    Add an enchanting scene to your bookshelf with these illuminated shelf inserts.

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