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by Hands Craft US, Inc.

3D Mechanical Wooden Puzzle | Globe Earth Model

SKU: ST002
    Wonder at our world! Create your own model of our beautiful planet, continents, and oceans with this majestic wooden puzzle globe. This globe will help you learn the geography of our planet and the stars as it features the Eight Wonders of the World and the Constellations, while you build test your skills as you patiently build this globe.
    • 🧩[HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL] This 3d puzzle is made of natural wood with a smooth non-toxic polish making it absolutely safe for kids. It will last for years as it serves as a magnificent piece of home decor. It's laser cut to ensure that all the pieces fit together tightly.
    • 🔐[SECRET LOCKER SYSTEM] One more exciting thing you will get is a secret jewelry and trinket box you can store your valuables in. To unlock the locker, you have to match the constellation with a symbol to unlock the lock, so you will become familiar with the constellations.
    • 🧠[LEARNING AID FOR TEENS AND ADULTS] The 3d globe puzzle will give you valuable information about the bodies of water, continents, and the location of major global cities. Not only will you gain new knowledge about the Earth, but you will also practice your attention to detail, patience, and hand-eye coordination. This makes an excellent decorative and informative addition to a child’s bedroom, playroom, your living room, or home office.
    • 📃[DIY 3D WOODEN ASSEMBLY]: You will get a detailed step-by-step guide with this as a puzzle kit, no tools and glue are required for assembling. The globe puzzle takes about 12 hours to complete, so this will keep you and your family or friends spending hours of fun as you spend quality time with others or yourself.
    • 🎁[THE PERFECT GIFT]: Whether you want to gift yourself something nice, have a geography lover in mind, or want a nice piece of DIY decor for a housewarming, this globe is perfect for you. The receiver will forever feel the satisfaction they felt when they completed this puzzle as they admire the beauty of this globe.
    • 1️⃣4️⃣ Recommended age is 14+
    Assembled Size: 20.5 x 11.4 x12.8 In
    Number of pieces: 567 pcs.
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