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Heather V.
United States United States
Dora’s Loft

I bought a different model for my mother in law, it was an absolute hit! I thought Dora’s loft was very cozy, a place I would like to hang out in, so why not my “Belle Mere” (my mother in law lives in France)! She wants the whole collection! Money well spent!

Lise F.
United States United States
Great quarantine escape

Dora's Loft is actually my second miniature House I have constructed over the past several months. In general I have thoroughly enjoyed working on these houses. They are creative, fun and challenging. They have been a great distraction on the weekends when I really can't go anywhere. This particular kit did not include enough green paper and there are ALOT of plants to make. It also did not include enough thin black wire so hopefully I can find some at Michael's so I can complete the stairs. A couple of the instructions were not clear, complete or incorrect ie transposed numbers and letters. This being my second kit I was able to improvise and figure it out. If this has been my first build I think I would have been frustrated and possibly run out of even more materials. If the manufacturer would like more details feel free to email me directly. Happy to help! Would I recommend this craft project...ABSOLUTELY!!!