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Our 3D puzzles come in levels appropriate for both beginners to advanced. Made from safe, non-toxic wood, our puzzles are a great activity for kids and adults alike! Test your cognitive skills, focus, and patience with our 3D puzzles.

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  • Mechanical Wood Puzzles

    From marble runs to music boxes and even a functioning record player, check out these intricate engineered pieces!

  • Music Boxes

    Piece together a music box that moves as it plays a beautiful melody. A rewarding experience.

  • Modern Series

    The modern series features intricate, laser-cut pieces. Laser technology was also used to engrave detailed designs.

  • Classic Series

    The classic series features smoother edges and classic designs that are appropriate for younger children.

  • Paint Kits

    A twist on the classic series, these kits come with paint and a paintbrush to add your own colorful touch!

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