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by Hands Craft US, Inc.

DIY Minature House Kit | Becka's Baking House

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SKU: DG161

Start your morning with some pastries and other baked goods at Becka's Baking House. From cupcakes to baguettes to bagels, Becka's has something for you to enjoy! Becka's Baking House is perfect for you whether you're a veteran miniaturist or a beginner! This little shop will keep you busy as you design and create your perfect little space. Kids and adults alike can enjoy our miniatures.

[WARM LED LIGHTS] There are light fixtures with tiny LED bulbs to light up each to make it realistic. The bright and warm lighting will add a nice, finishing touch to your room, table, or shelf. This kit includes an instruction book with illustrations to give you an idea of its potential and help your dreams come alive. 

[TINY FURNITURE & ACCESSORIES] This model dollhouse study has shelves, a stool, a ladder, books, and more to give details to your tiny space. You can add flooring or your own personal twist with different books and decorations. This modern DIY library will always remind you of the feeling of satisfaction when you complete it with such realistic looks and details.

[TOOLS INCLUDED & RECOMMENDED] This kit includes an LED light, electrical wires, a battery case, glue, tweezers. Extra recommended tools are a ruler, scissors, a utility knife, pliers, a pencil, a binder clip, and a screwdriver. There are some paper pieces that need to be cut out and glued together.

[DIY MINIATURE KITS SERIES] This is only one of the many miniature spaces that we have available. We also have Garden House, Corner Bookstore, Garage Workshop, and many other fun dollhouse rooms with open walls. This quiet activity is perfect for everyone. The entire family can bond over some quality time. It makes a great gift and decor to brighten up everyone's rooms!

Main Material: Wood, Fabric, Metal, Paper
Tools Included: Liquid Glue, Paint, Tweezer, Brush

2 AAA batteries required; batteries are not included.

Ages 14+

141 pieces

Assembly time: 4 hours

Assembled size: 8.5 x 5.9 x 6.2 in

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